//About me

   My name is Szymon Deręg and I am a semi-pro photographer and graphic artist. I was born and brought up in Poland. After finishing college I came to UK and settled in Redruth, Cornwall. I work as Material Requirements Planner. At the moment the majority of my pictures are taken locally around Cornwall in my free time.

My love affair with the visual arts began nearly 10 years ago. Painting and sketching were my favourite things to do then. I started to be seriously interested in photography in the age of 14 after picking up an old Russian Zenith 11 camera that belonged to my grandpa.

I moved to digital photography and computer graphics in 1999. In high school I started to work as a school photographer and continued in college. As I was improving my photographic skills through training I also successfully completed few non-commercial photography and computer graphics courses in Poland. In 2002, together with my friend we began to organise photography workshops for kids from orphanages. This allowed me to meet professional photographers and further my understanding of photography, as well as develop my interest in a wider area of photographic techniques: portraiture, landscape, black/white, still life, infrared and HDR (high-dynamic range imaging). I am advanced in Photoshop and I enjoy lending some of that skill to my photography.

As years passed by, the camera and photography had grown on me and pursued to master the craft. The more I learned, the more I saw photography as an art form. Using colour, balance and composition techniques I learned before, the photography itself became my work of art and the camera – my brush.